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About The Blues Groove

The Blues Groove is the place to be for blues music fans.  We're in the Atlanta, GA area so we have a focus on the local music scene and local musicians.  What started as a little project has grown to include an online store where you can purchase music and related products that are produced in the Atlanta area. We like lots of different kinds of music so don't be surprised to find other types of music offerings here in addition to the blues.

Let Us Help You

If you are interested in having your own theme music, background music for your online productions or other original music just let us know.  We can compose, record and deliver music so that you can have a theme song or other music that is licensed to you for exclusive use.  Send us a note about what you need.

Join Us

If you are producing or performing music please send us your contact information and we might be able help you get more fans who show up to your performances and buy your music online.  If you have recorded music or merchandise that you want us to sell on this site please let us know.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Production/Distribution via our partners

For musicians in the Atlanta area, we can help you get your music published through our high quality, low cost recording studio.  To set up your session please visit our sister site,

If you need distribution to well-known digital music services like Spotify, PandoraApple Music, Youtube Music and Amazon Music we can help you do that, too. We can even help you get physical media like CDs, USB drives and Vinyl records produced using our distribution partners and sell them nationwide as well as from this site.

And we can help you publicize your music and sell it right here as well as on the largest music stores on the internet.

Join the fun!  Contact us and let's see what we can make happen.

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