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Bitter Misery

Bitter Misery was released in September 2021.  The album is a solo effort conceived and produced in the apparently never-ending pandemic.  The album features musical expressions of desperation, woe, foreboding and hope in a collection of traditional blues music, but is not without a bit of humor, too.


  • The Pain Will Soon Be Over is a melancholy, hopeful lament.  It’s been a really, really long time since things were even close to normal.  At some point, blessed relief will come.  The sooner the better.  Keep the faith!
  • No Purpose, No Meaning  Most of us are directly impacted by our own unique view of purpose in our lives.  A life without meaning can be a dreadfully horrible curse.  We all need something to believe in.  Man’s search for meaning may be the one thing that is most helpful to us in surviving these times of upheaval and chaos.
  • Luck Touched My Hand  During this long, depressing and disappointing time there are always some signs of hope and grace, however slight.  Even if you live “in a van down by the river” it ain’t always bad all the time.  It’s worth pointing out the small blessings and appreciating them.
  • Don’t Listen to the Devil  Some advice from the gospel music voice deep inside all of us.  No matter where you come from or how you evaluate the human condition this advice is clear and precise.  Just don't do it.
  • Sweet Watermelon  Watermelon is a sweet summertime favorite for many of us here in the south.  A brief respite from the dull throb of pandemic life and an inspiration to all, we’re sure that you will agree.  Get one for yourself and see if it doesn't raise your spirits.
  • Oh, My Soul  Southerners are very familiar with this gentle epithet, used to express dismay or wonder.  In times of desperation we face the unthinkable, the deplorable, the horror of our conditions.  Sadness is truly upon us from time to time.  But it will pass.
  • Enough  asks the eternal question of balance, “How much is enough?”  Whatever drives you - or holds you down - is always subject to the scrutiny of fairness and proportion.  We are often blinded by ambition, greed and lust that can only be healed through reflection to provide more perspective.  Change may still be possible . . . sometimes, maybe.  I'm not promising you anything, though.
  • Dealing the Blues, the final cut on the album is an instrumental piece.  What’s the best way to deal with ongoing misery?  Deal with it by providing a healthy dose of the blues.  Tell it loud and proud.  Get everyone up wiggling their butts and flailing their arms.  Everyone gets it when we deal the blues.



1)  The Pain Will Soon Be Over (03:56)

2)  No Purpose, No Meaning (03:54)

3)  Luck Touched My Hand (04:08)

4)  Don’t Listen to the Devil (04:00)

5)  Sweet Watermelon (05:06)

6)  Oh, My Soul (05:13)

7)  Enough (05:54)

8)  Dealing the Blues (05:46)

Bitter Misery

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