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Long Gone

The Mighty Fine Two Man Blues Band has released an album that is closer to the band’s roots of long Blues Jams.  This new album is available starting September 11, 2023 from the band’s website,


There are five cuts on the album, three of which provide the live-recording of a blues jam groove to help quench your appetite for blues enjoyment.  Here’s what to expect.


1 Long Gone (03:47) - The title cut and a nice little ditty lamenting (or maybe simply declaring) the end of a relationship.  Pretty standard for a blues song, huh?  This song adds a touch of humor, as the blues can do, so you’ll be smiling, we hope.


2 Rough Rider (09:58) - This is a Blues Jam that doesn’t stray much from the true roots of the Mighty Fine Two Man Blues Band, a jam band from the start.  Sit back and enjoy!


3 Unionize! (09:25)  - The best opportunities for those in the labor force these days is to join or form a new union.  This cut is dedicated to all of those people - musicians included - who make, manage and create what we need to get along.


4 Groove a Spell  (11:40) - This cut is another Blues Jam that hits the groove early and keeps it morphing until it’s done.  Another one in the MFTMBB tradition to make sure the album has what the fans want.


5 Fall is in the Air  (04:25) - This interesting little bluesy number attests to the changes we are all experiencing as Fall 2023 arrives.  This one feels different.  It sounds a little different, too! 

Long Gone

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