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Not Worn Out

Not Worn Out, released in October 2020, is a solo album that was born during the pandemic.  With no way to safely do live shows, host musicians in the studio and pretty much anything else that used to be normal, we used the time to write and produce a blues album featuring horns, keys and guitars.  Solo in this case means literally just the work of one person.  What else was there to do?


Maybe your pandemic experience didn't result in getting the blues from time to time but our experience as musicians has been especially difficult.  This album is dedicated to performers everywhere as they keep on keepin' on.  The light will shine again sometime soon!


  • Blues Ain’t So Bad is a somewhat traditional blues tune about love gone bad and personal failure but when that happens in the middle of a pandemic it can cause you to rethink things with a new perspective.  After all, most of us have loved and lost or loved, lost and recovered.  When this happens during a life threatening health crisis maybe we should step back and look at everything in a little broader context.
  • Soap and Water was released earlier in 2020 as a single and has been streaming for a while.  It’s one of the first things we all learned about as we started to adjust to the new reality.  Still valuable today, the remastered cut is on this album.
  • Blue Lament, like some of the other songs on this album features a horn section that knows how to get into the groove.  This cut has lots of room for keys, guitars and horns to strut their stuff … even if it is “… a very sad thing.”
  • Rockout Beach is what happens when being shut off from live music causes you to fish out the old albums - you know, the ones with the scratches and pops in well-known locations - and drift back to the early ‘60s in the southern California surf.  Beach bunnies, surfer dudes, … rock out!
  • Honky Tonk Blues just lays it out there.  We all need the live venues to make it through this rough patch.  We need all the musicians to make it, too.  Hang in there!  The day is coming when we can reach a new normal that is even better than before.  Now, “… you got any rye whiskey back there?”
  • Pastorale is a solo piano piece that we need just like meditation  and redemption.  It feeds the soul and helps restore the mind.  Fitful and gentle, booming and quiet, time seems to shift a bit here and there to deliver its healing balm.  Relax.  Home safe!
  • I Like That Sound leads the listener to the obvious conclusion of the very theme of this album.  Remember when?  Well, of course we do!
  • Not Worn Out is the title song, an anthem to the courage, bravery, resourcefulness and willpower that keeps us all going.  Bring it on!  


1  Blues Ain’t So Bad  ( 5:45 )

2  Soap and Water  ( 2:01 )

3  Blue Lament  ( 8:31 )

4  Rockout Beach  ( 2:55 )

5  Honky Tonk Blues  ( 4:07 )

6  Pastorale  ( 6:18 )

7  I Like That Sound  ( 2:58 )

8  Not Worn Out  ( 6:07 )

Not Worn Out

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