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The Long Cuts 2: Testify (R2019)

(Remastered on 2019)
The Long Cuts 2: Testify is the second of the ‘Long Cuts’ series of albums that contain the very long cuts from the Mighty Fine Two Man Blues Band jam sessions. The album is great for exercising or just for chilling out. You may even hear a little preaching going on somewhere in there.


  • Testify, part one, the first of the pair of jams lays down the slow beat for the theme of this album.  We all know what is right and what is wrong even if that is not always clear.  We make our own choices and we must be responsible for the results.  There is no use in denying it.  You own it.
  • Testify, part two carries this idea to its ultimate conclusion, that you will face the music and in the end you will have to testify about all of it.  Everything.  “You gotta testify!”


Groove for a long time and soothe yourself with this.  It’s not an indictment but more like just facing the truth.  In time we will all learn to own it.  That’s just how it is.


If you want to get your blues groove going always start with the Mighty Fine Two Man Blues Band.

1 Testify, part one  ( 16:30 )
2 Testify, part two  ( 41:11 )

The Long Cuts 2: Testify (R2019)

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