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The Long Cuts 3: Righteous Wailing

The Long Cuts 3:  Righteous Wailing is a wonderful collection of bluesy cuts that each run more than a few minutes. This is the third album in the 'Long Cuts' series. Great for workouts, hiking, biking or chilling out. The groove ranges from playful to kinda dark - Righteous Wailing!

The Mighty Fine Two Man Blues Band jams regularly. In this context "jam" means an unrehearsed improvisational session where we find the groove and ride it. These long cuts are really deep grooves that you can enjoy.


  • Baby, Baby, Baby is a band favorite and is often played first in a jam session to let the band get warmed up. Sing along once you learn all the words. Get your friends to sing the backup vocals, too. Anyone can do it.
  • Sleazin' is a dirty blues and a dirty topic, but there it is ... If you actually look around in your home town you will see it, too.
  • The Blues is simply an instrumental with only bass and guitar grooving the blues that lasts so long you think it ain't gonna end.
  • Hurt Me So Bad was inspired by the wonderful biography of Hank Williams that Paul Hemphill wrote. Poor Hank. Get the book and you'll understand. Life is good, when it's not killing you.
  • Let's Dance is a blues for dancers of a certain age who might want to take it a little slower than they used to, even if it takes a little prodding to get things going. Heck, even the youthful among us can dance to it if they want to.
  • Righteous Wailing is another instrumental and the title cut. Some people run, some punch a bag, every now and then someone puts a fist through a wall. Don't try to hold it in forever. This time you just gotta tell it, brother.


If you want to get your blues groove going always start with the Mighty Fine Two Man Blues Band.

1) Baby, Baby, Baby      ( 06:52 )
2) Sleazin’                     ( 08:04 )
3) The Blues                  ( 12:56 )
4) Hurt Me So Bad        ( 05:42 )
5) Let’s Dance               ( 11:27 )
6) Righteous Wailing      ( 09:09 )

The Long Cuts 3: Righteous Wailing

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