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The Romantic Musical Soundtrack

Cover Artwork from licensed under Creative Commons 4.0.


This album is the soundtrack for the Romantic Musical, the acclaimed play that everyone's raving about.  It's a very nice collection of the songs from the play.


The Romantic Musical is loved by millions and now the songs are available on this CD and for download from this site.


All original music from Mark Anderson and C. Randolph Stukes.  It was performed by Mark Anderson. The recording and production were done in 2023 at Stukes Corporation studios in Woodstock, GA.


The album contains a dozen of the most loved songs from the musical:


1 Let’s Go Out  4:14

    After the boy meets the girl, then sees her by chance it is immediately obvious that he is attracted to her.  So, he suggests that they have a date.


2 Jump in the Game  5:15

   The girl's long-time friend comes of age, has success in his profession and decides that it's time to think more seriously about his future.  He ruminates about his next steps.


3 There She Is  3:49

    The boy takes a girl out for a date where he sees the girl, also on a date but with her long-time friend.  At the Watering Hole, the local dive bar, he realizes that she is special and he has been thinking about her, maybe a little too much.


4 A Job Well Done  4:56

    The long-time friend becomes more successful as an auto mechanic.  He begins to understand more about himself and what he is able to do.  He is planning his bright future.


5 I Will Be Waiting  4:54

   The girl leaves town abruptly and the boy commits himself to waiting.


6 These Books  4:50

    The boy spends a lot of time in the library where he has access to many books of all kinds.  He considers what might happen if he tried to write a book himself.


7 Say Yes to Me  6:15

    The long-time friend decides to be proactive in implementing the plans that he has carefully laid, having thought through the entire plan.  He makes a fateful decision.


8 Waiting for the Girl  4:59

    The boy maintains his commitment, though it is very hard to stay serious as time passes.


9 She Touched My Hand  4:27

    Delivering the milk, the boy encounters the girl for the first time.  As he gives the milk bottle to her it slips and he catches it before it crashes on the steps.  Their hands touch and a shared jolt of electricity rushes through each of them.


10 I’m a Lot Like You  4:13

    The girl reminisces about her father, finding that she learned much of what makes her who she is from him.  That he will no longer be with her in this world, but he will continue to live on in her heart.


11 You Are the Only One for Me  4:47

    The boy declares his undying love for the girl.  No doubt about it.  He is smitten.


12 I Am Lost   4:40

    The girl mourns the sudden death of her father.  It upsets everything for her and for her mother.  She grapples with her grief and learns that she will, in good time, be able to carry on.

The Romantic Musical Soundtrack

  • Streaming everywhere in January 2024.

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