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We Be Jammin' 1 (R2019)

(Remastered in 2019)

We Be Jammin' 1 is the first of the series of jams with Anthony and Randy that includes more instrumentation added in the studio.  It features Anthony on vocals and some of the funkier jams from the 2018 and 2017 sessions as well as one cut that Anthony wrote and on which he plays the rhythm guitar (Love for Angela).


  • What Can We Do?  This cut considers the situation when we see things around us that are not right.  Sometimes immediate action is needed while at other times a hasty and low-keyed retreat is more in order.
  • Funk Thang  Groove with us as we start to build the mood with a funky bass and a kickin’ beat, paving the way for what’s ahead.
  • Little Honeycomb  An intense expression of devotion, passion and joy!  All of that and big legs, too!
  • Funky Beat  The beauty of the jam is spontaneity and collaboration.  Sometimes that takes place right away.  Other times the jam evolves from one point to another, taking the listener on a journey.
  • AGDA  Southern rock has its own sound, a sound that some of us grew up listening to.  Bluesy, but rock and roll.
  • Get Plugged In  Good advice and the punch line to a joke about what the two young people were not yet clear about on concerning enjoying sex.  You are not a rock.  You are not an island.
  • Love for Angela  Ode to the beauty and joy of a lifelong loving relationship that has weathered many a storm and crossed many bridges.


If you want to get your blues groove going always start with the Mighty Fine Two Man Blues Band.

1 What Can We Do?  ( 04:24 )
2 Funk Thang  ( 01:41 )
3 Little Honeycomb  ( 09:25 )
4 Funky Beat  ( 04:43 )
5 AGDA  ( 04:59 )
6 Get Plugged In  ( 05:42 )
7 Love for Angela  ( 06:09 )

We Be Jammin' 1 (R2019)

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