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We Be Jammin' 2:  Blues in the Basement

We Be Jammin' 2: Blues in the Basement is a bit of a departure from past Mighty Fine Two Man Blues Band releases, this one features short, hip blues music and catchy lyrics.  This one is not so much a collection of jams as it contains songs that were written and produced specifically to be released as singles.



  • Friday Afternoon Blues  Do you know how it feels when that shift-change whistle finally blows late on Friday afternoon?  That feeling of exhilaration even when you’re dog tired from a full week of working for the man.  This is an ode to all of our working class heroes who get the job done … some for an entire lifetime.
  • Blues for Shoes  Some of us are more aware of style and fashion than normal.  Don’t count us in on that exactly but we do know what we like and we aren’t shy about telling everyone.  This one is less about hip, high-priced options than is is about sensible footwear.  Even if most people think that is an oxymoron.
  • Old Man Blues  You know those guys who, perhaps due to a little too much strong drink, like to disrupt a fine night out to tell you what is wrong in this world?  Well …
  • Comfort Zone  Even the MFTMBB has a softer, romantic side.  We’ve had our share of ups and downs and we know how to get through the rough patches.  When things aren’t where they need to be we head back to the place we love.
  • Leave the Light Off  This song will let you in on a little secret that can help you seal the deal with that special someone.  We aren’t known for our advice on love.  That’s no reason not to offer it, though.
  • Walkin' the Blues  The real-life adventures of youthful joys. A stroll and a night on the town when a little bit was enough to get you something good.
  • Dance With Me  Remember when you went to the high school prom full of ideas and expectations that were somewhat at odds with reality?  Some of us live our entire lives that way - full of anticipation and good planning.  Go big or stay home!
  • Sloppy Kisses  “Turnabout is fair play” and “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”  At any rate, life can be messy and love can be even more so.
  • Hit My Target  This little tune has a seemingly dark side, as it reveals the intensity of focus and attention required to win the heart of another.  Is it love or obsession?


If you want to get your blues groove going always start with the Mighty Fine Two Man Blues Band.


1 Friday Afternoon Blues  ( 3:50 )
2 Blues for Shoes  ( 6:07 )
3 Old Man Blues  ( 3:30 )
4 Comfort Zone  ( 4:09 )
5 Leave the Light Off  ( 4:26 )
6 Walkin' the Blues  ( 6:18 )
7 Dance With Me  ( 2:52 )
8 Sloppy Kisses  ( 3:32 )
9 Hit My Target  ( 2:49 )

We Be Jammin' 2: Blues in the Basement

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