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We Be Jammin' 3: Clouds on the Horizon

We Be Jammin' 3 - Clouds on the Horizon is the eighth released album from the Mighty Fine Two Man Blues Band, comprising seven original songs with a common theme.


Songs that tell the tale of a distant threat that approaches, then arrives.  The news warns of coming bad weather.  As the storm approaches what seem like prudent steps are taken but when the torrent hits everyone is driven to the basement with only candles to light the gloom.  Our heroes strive to be home safe.  



  • Bad Weather’s Coming  Our story opens with a short call that warns about the forecast.  From the radio that is on in the kitchen the weatherman makes it clear that a storm is brewing and likely headed our way.
  • Black Clouds  A furrowed brow hints at the reaction when, looking out the window it is obvious that the storm is not only coming, but almost above the house.  A feeling of foreboding permeates the room.
  • Waiting for the Storm  With the windows battened and the curtains pulled shut our friends gather in the gloom to await the approaching weather.
  • Dark Cloud Blues  As the storm engulfs the house and all of the surroundings there is a feeling that this one is different.  More tempestuous and ruthless.  There is no easy way to deal with a storm like this that crops up so quickly and with so little warning.  Fear begins to overtake our heroes as they huddle to resist the onslaught.
  • Storming  It is not long before the thunderclaps shake the very ground that the house is built on.  The downpour is unstoppable.  The horror palpable.  The power goes off.
  • Home Safe  Our heroes retreat to the underground shelter of the basement to ride out the storm.  There is a real sense that even the safety of the earth itself will not be enough to protect them all.  They contemplate the irony of being at home where it should be safe…
  • All Roll  "Just about all the rock is done, it's all roll now.  Batten down the hatches folks, because a storm is on the horizon."


If you want to get your blues groove going always start with the Mighty Fine Two Man Blues Band.


1 Bad Weather’s Coming  ( 3:00 )

2 Black Clouds  ( 4:14 )

3 Waiting for the Storm  ( 7:09 )

4 Dark Cloud Blues  ( 4:00 )

5 Storming  ( 6:26 )

6 Home Safe  ( 5:46 )

7 All Roll  ( 0:20 )

We Be Jammin' 3: Clouds on the Horizon

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