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You Broke Every Bone in My Heart

You Broke Every Bone in My Heart was released on October 23, 2022.  This album features the Woodstock, GA based Mighty Fine Two Man Blues Band playing original music.  It is a Blues Rock album that features Mark Anderson on guitar and vocals, Paris Landon on Bass, Steven Baird on drums and Randy Stukes on vocals, keys and guitar.  The album includes a variety of styles that reveal angst, anticipation, sadness and joy - all with a bit of humor.


For those who look at the cover art and ask why the band is called “... Two Man ...” when it looks like there are four band members, the explanation is simple.  There are three kinds of people in this world: people who know how to count and people who do not know how to count.


  • You Broke Every Bone in My Heart is the title cut.  Inspired by a quip in a Lucille Ball movie (“A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob”, 1941), it shows how love can really give you the blues even when it’s clear that better times are ahead.
  • She Say One Thing is written and sung by Mark.  This little ditty laments the communication breakdown that often occurs between the sexes in a blues with a Rockabilly feel.
  • Honey, Do You Really Love Me? is a coming-of-age blues romp with a unique perspective on a familiar experience for many.
  • Love Stay Away, also written and sung by Mark is a blues-rock stomper that captures the frustration and relentless pain that love sometimes brings into our lives.
  • Too Old to Die Young is a blues jam that reminds us of what is really important even in the face of hardships and human failings.  After all, we’re really lucky to be alive.
  • Farewell, We Gotta Go features each of the band members as we reach the end of the album.  Inspired by the von Trapp family performance in “The Sound of Music,” though we’re not fleeing for our lives (at least we hope not!).



1  You Broke Every Bone in My Heart  (4:14)

2  She Say One Thing  (4:54)

3  Honey, Do You Really Love Me?  (3:39)

4  Love Stay Away  (6:08)

5  Too Old to Die Young  (9:58)

6  Farewell, We Gotta Go  (6:54)

You Broke Every Bone in My Heart

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